campaign reports, meeting minutes, internal communications


programs for conferences with opinion makers and leaders from Latin America 

biographies, programs, schedules, information for participants, etc.

papers, reports, and

interviews for QUNO, the Quaker United Nations Office

materials related to their work on food and sustainability, peace and disarmament, and prevention of violent conflicts

articles and research papers

training materials


guides for shelters during Hurricane Harvey

living in one of the areas most affected by Harvey, I am proud to have collaborated in the translation of materials for the Red Cross throughTWB

ICCROM's Wikipedia page

this page has a wealth of interesting terminology and it was an interesting project indeed


United Nations Volunteers

I volunteer with UNV whenever my specializations are required, and I was in charge of translating the social media campaign for the relaunch of their webpage

"Carolina has excellent work ethics. She is very responsive, works fast and provides us with high quality translations. We will definitely work with Carolina in the future." Igor Feldblyum - ITD Services Inc

books and websites

brochures and advertising materials

social media campaigns

Translators without Borders

I also volunteer with TWB, where I hope my experience and knowledge can make a difference

My experience of living in countries with marked cultural differences put me in touch with realities I did not imagine and situations whose complexity I didn't fully understand until I faced them myself. Translators have the power to facilitate change through communication, and this led to my interest in the field of international development.


This area requires a translator with a global vision and knowledge of specialized vocabulary and cultural sensitivities. I offer you my experience in international development to produce a text with highly accurate terminology translation, the right tone and a precise message. 

"Carolina provided outstanding English to Spanish transcriptions combined with translations in the field of international development. I would undoubtedly collaborate with her again."  - Carole Salas, Lunarmonia

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