My specializations did not occur by chance. I have specialized in subjects I feel passionate about and I have completed postgraduate studies and certifications to expand my knowledge of these subjects. It is that depth of knowledge and experience that makes the language I use both precise and culturally appropriate.

I use the latest translation technology, termbases and glossaries to ensure the terminology used stays consistent throughout every one of your projects and your preferences are reflected in each text without having to specify them each time.

This should not even be an issue, but I have heard enough stories from clients to know you might be worried about deadlines not being met. Don't. I have never missed a deadline and I am not planning to miss any deadlines in the future. You will always get your project back by the agreed time. 

Payment is easy. I accept Paypal, Zelle and Venmo, whichever is more convenient for you.

Do you still have questions about the translation process?


2001-2020: Freelance translator in Argentina, Libya, Trinidad and Tobago and the USA.

​​2016-2019: Senior Editor at Unbabel

1994-2004: Teacher, teaching coordinator, assessment consultant, ESOL materials author



2017 - 2020: Google Adwords certified​​

2004: MA in Teaching English to Young Learners, University of York, UK

1994: BA in English, Instituto Olga Cossettini, Argentina

Communication needs differ depending on the project and the client, on whether you want to be invloved in the decisions or just leave it all to the translator. I can work with you in the manner that best suits your style, and you can write/talk to me as many times as you wish to!


I am a native speaker of Spanish who has lived and actively participated in both cultures. I know exactly how to reach your target audience.


I am a native Spanish speaker who lives in Houston, Texas. I have been a translator since 2001. I am a member of the Houston Translators and Interpreters Association and the American Translators Association. I am also Google Adwords certified.


Being fully bilingual and knowing both cultures, I can offer you translations that sound natural and are completely accurate.


A good translation will, of course, be free of mistakes, but will also read in Spanish as if originally written in that language. It will take advantage of cultural nuances to make your audience feel at home. You can relax and leave all that in my hands.






ATA, American Translators Association

HITA, Houston Interpreters and Translators Association

Certified PRO Network

The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce

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