Living in the World of Shapes 

a book that teaches children that every person is valuable and has a unique purpose of life, and the value of connecting through civility

We tend to consider texts in the fields of education, psychology and linguistics as "general language," even though they require the same kind of specialized knowledge as any other technical subject. 


Would you put your education or your health in the hands of someone unqualified? Then, why do that with your texts? I offer you translations which are technically accurate without losing the natural flow that keeps the readers' interest.


I have ten years' experience as a teacher and educational coordinator, a master's degree in the field of education and four years of research as a PhD student in linguistics. Rest assured that your text is in good hands.


tests for linguistic research

collaboration with UNED for translating tests for linguistic research - my technical specialization in that area was an advantage

materials for schools

standardized testing for elementary schools in different US states, school reports, reports on learning and behavioral difficulties, tests, educational materials, psychological assessments, etc.

"Carolina's knowledge of education and psychology allowed her to convey the exact message to a group of distressed parents in a delicate situation. I am very grateful."  - P.T., school counsellor

school reports

websites and apps

psychological assessments

ISPS handbook

translating the school handbook allowed a large number of Spanish-speaking families to get acquainted with the rules, principles and other essential information pertaining this institution

"Carolina did a brilliant job in delivering high quality localisations of a set of short stories for us. She was very open to discussions throughout the project and made some great recommendations. Carolina has excellent communication skills and I enjoyed working with her very much. I'd certainly work with her again." - Olly Richards, author, Spanish Stories for Intermediate Learners

Virtual Sandtray 

a practical app which allows play therapists to work outside their office - translating this app required knowledge of how this particular therapy works to make the Spanish text functional and relevant

materials for evaluation and research

articles and papers



Spanish Short Stories for Intermediate Learners

released in paperback, Kindle and audiobook versions - click on the book cover to read the five-star reviews from readers commenting on the quality of the selection of grammatical structures and vocabulary for that learning level. 


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